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What Your Employees Are Doing Today

Today on the House Floor today a resolution was offered to honor the “2560th anniversary of the birth of Confucius and recognizing his invaluable contributions to philosophy and social and political thought.”  Congressman Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) voted against the resolution … Continue reading

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Good Theater

I have SERIOUS concerns when a government official (The pay czar) goes into a private company and dictates the pay scale.  That is what happened today.  The Administration went to some of the financial firms and slashed some executives pay … Continue reading

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The Winter Chronicles…in October???

I knew we would be paying for the mild summer weather.  We are suppose to have a Nor’easter in the next few days…or perhaps I should say the weathermen are salivating at the prospect of us having a nor’easter.  It … Continue reading

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Prayers for the Kaat Family

I spent a lot of time today reflecting on Jaymuns death with friends.  I feel like so many of us were invested in Jaymun’s wellfare.  As I have said before, Jaymun’s parents were very kind in praying for Julie and … Continue reading

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Jaymun – An Amazing Little Boy

Please send your prayers to the Kaat family.  They lost an amazing little boy this morning.  Jaymun you were an inspiration to us all in the short 3 years you were on earth.  Feel free to leave your prayers on … Continue reading

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Katlyn’s Climb & Fate

This weekend I went to Florida to hang out with “The Florida Girls”.  We had big plans for Sunday.  You may remember that my friends 16 year old niece, Katlyn, suffered traumatic brain injury from a car accident on May … Continue reading

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Other Blogs

I wanted to draw your attention to two other blogs today.  Jaymun’s Journey,  We have been following Jaymun’s Journey since Julie started her blog.  (See old post: His mother offered words of encouragement on Julie’s blog.  He is a … Continue reading

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