Good Theater

I have SERIOUS concerns when a government official (The pay czar) goes into a private company and dictates the pay scale.  That is what happened today.  The Administration went to some of the financial firms and slashed some executives pay as much as 50%.  Doesn’t that set off alarm bells with anyone else?  A government person dictating compensation for a private sector firm????  It scare the crap out of me!   


On another note…this makes for some great Theater… A Fake Press Conference!

This is why I love Politics!  So the US Chamber of Commerce has always been the MAC Daddy of Lobbying organizations.  To have all those “business” interest backing you…you have to be heard on the Hill and in an Administration.  So the new administrations takes office with the Chambers support. Then things start to go off course. Obama becomes a bit more non-business friendly and he starts to grow and expand government…all things that are against the core mission of the Chamber.  So like all 800 lbs Gorillas, the Chamber starts to exert their power and speak about their dissatisfaction with the current administration.  Great article in the Washington Post about it here: Rift between Obama and the Chamber of Commerce Growing.  

But what really makes for good theater is a fake press conference.  There is this fringe group called the Yes Men and they decide to host a fake press conference where they pretend to be the Chamber.  It makes for Great TV.  Check it out as the REAL Chamber rep breaks in on the fake Chamber press conference.  This looks like an SNL Skit that couldn’t get any better! 


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One Response to Good Theater

  1. Ernie says:

    Re: “A government person dictating compensation for a private sector firm????” I admit this is disconcerting; but then again, so is a private sector firm receiving hundreds of miilions of dollars in bail out funds and using it to reward executives to the tune of tens of miilions of dollars or much more, with those tax-payer funded bail out funds, all while jobs are getting cut. By the way, your blog ROCKS!

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