Classmates with Cancer

What an emotional day.  It is always rough around this time.  I can’t believe next Tuesday marks two year since Julie died.  It seems like just yesterday I was holding her hand in her hospital room and praying.  Today was especially hard because there was a TV show, Classmates with Cancer, that aired about 3 of my fellow classmates who have/had cancer.   The feature showed 3 different women in three different stages in their fight against Cancer.  Naturally Julie was featured in this as the classmate who passed away.  One of my dear friends since Intermediate school, Kathy Voigt Nuernberg, was featured as the classmate who is a cancer survivor.  And then one of my classmates, Michelle Tull Bynum, who I knew in passing but have grown to know via this lovely Cancer Sorority discussed her fight against terminal breast cancer.  Each of these women have small children and everyone of them did everything they could to protect their children during this fight.  It was an amazing story because it spread the word about early detection and the need for you to be your best advocate when it comes to cancer.  Every one of these women were told not to worry about their symptoms by their doctors.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Unfortunately, I could not watch the piece because it aired on Fox News in Houston and it aired live online but I was in a meetings.  When I got home tonight I sat down and watched the segments online.  What a wonderful piece, but I was a bawling mess.  Everyone did so well!  It is already a rough time of year and it was hard to see Julie’s husband and kids and my friends talk so openly about Cancer.  It brings back so many memories and it makes me really miss Julie.  After I watched the special I immediately called Kathy to tell her what a great job she did..however all she heard was some strange woman crying who was calling from a phone line that registered as a Church on the caller ID.   We had a good laugh over that…my home phone comes up as a Church.  Would that be the Church of Kerberism?  If so, we are all in trouble.

Anyway, I think we could all use some extra prayers to get through the holiday season. If you want to see the TV Special that aired, check it out at

  They deleted the original video but here is an update:


For a good laugh, check out this photo: 12 Years old, Bowling Trophy (no idea how we got this) Julie’s on the top left, Me top right and Kathy bottom right.

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  1. Kathy says:

    I love you Kerber!

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