Commander-in-Chief or Media Junkie?

On August 30th, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal submitted his assessment from the ground on what should happen in Afghanistan.  Since that date we have been waiting for President Obama to announce his plan.  And yesterday we got it….sort of.

Yesterday he announced that he had made a decision and that he was “very close” to letting us all know his decision.  Then later in the day we find out he will make the announcement on December 1st, most likely during a prime time address to the public.  So they announced that they plan to announce the plan.   Doesn’t that seem strange?   We are not planning to make an announcement on a new domestic programs, or to outline his Healthcare Bill, or to inform the public what how we are going to fix the abysmal economy.  No, we announce that we are going to announce our plan regarding the Afghanistan war in 7 days.  Do we really have another 7 days to wait for this announcement?  Isn’t this so serious that once you have a plan you should execute it?  Does it really require you to find the best prime time availability to announce it? 

You obviously know it is important, because you are hoping to broadcast the announcement from the oval office.  What annoys me is that I feel like we are playing games with an announcement about our military men and women who are in the middle of a very serious work engagement.   What is this cost of this delay?  Will the Commander-in-Chief please stand up, make a decision, and move us forward (one way or another).  You don’t have to be a rock star all the time…sometimes the best decisions are done without waiting for a clear prime time TV slot.

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