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CNN Breaking News: — Obama intends to end Afghanistan war within three years, according to senior administration officials.


Well I am so glad to know that we can just put a stop date on a war, aren’t you? Kind of makes you wonder why we are there at all if we can randomly pick a date to leave.



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2 Responses to Breaking News

  1. Derek says:


    I had the exact same thought. I emailed some friends of mine today about his, in fact. What is his obsession with putting end dates on all of his foreign policy engagements – Iraq – 18 months, GITMO – 1 yeaer; Afghanistan 3-years.

    Shouldn’t we fight until we win or conditions become otherwise unbearable and we can no longer stay for whatever reason. I mean, a point may some day come where the cost in terms of lives and treasure is no longer worth the effort, but how do we know today that such a thing will come to pass or we will win within the next three years?

    And another thing that is troubling is that it gives the distinct impression that Obama will do whatever it takes – including making bad decisions – to get troops out of Afghanistan w/in three years, which I am sure just coincidentally coincides with 2012 and … dang what happens in 2012? I forget. Oh well.

  2. Kerber says:

    Oh Derek, I had not even thought about the 3 year..2012 connection. Unbelievable.

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