Singing With Julie

I love this Video.  Its Julie and me (and our friend Jenny) singing in the car.  It reminds me of how great it was to be 17 and free.   Man I wish I could go back to having that little obligation and that much freedom!  It gets a little harder when you hit adulthood and can’t flake out and spend the day filming your friends delivering pizzas. 🙂 

That is a thought…how much fun would it be to spend the day filming my friends at work…some of them have some cool jobs.  I guess the problem would be explaining that I am not a film crew and I am just doing this for fun.


Julie was driving my car, I was filming and our dear friend Jenny was in the backseat.

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2 Responses to Singing With Julie

  1. jeannine wallace says:


  2. jeannine wallace says:

    Precious too!!!!!

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