My Idea of Hell…

Just got this breaking news alert…Apparently the Governor has already declared a State of Emergency.  I hope they are wrong.  Sounds miserable to me and I am suppose to be driving back to DC on Friday. This will be from the rain in Texas as it heads to the East Coast.

Another severe winter storm, with near blizzard conditions, is forecast to hit
Arlington Fri., Feb. 5 through Sat., Feb. 6. Be prepared to shelter in place for
3 to 5 days . Please stay off the roads. Snow crews will plow primary and
secondary roads first for emergency vehicles. After severe storms (more than
10”), it may take 36-48 hours after the snow stops before County plows can get
to residential streets. Removal and treatment may take several days.
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1 Response to My Idea of Hell…

  1. laylawolken says:

    Yuk! I can’t even imagine! The city better get that weather out of its system before Spring Break. Maddie and I will be there March 13-16th for NON-REFUNDABLE school trip.

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