The Great Winter Storm of 2010

The weather men are having a heyday with the great winter storm of 2010.  It is never good when the weather report starts out by saying “Record Snowfall Forecast.”  According to the weather channel this snow storm could rival the great winter storm of 1922.  I think what makes this storm interesting (besides the fact that they are talking about 20-28″) is that we still had snow on the ground from Tuesday and we are expected to get more snow next week.  So, I thought I might give you some “live” Winter Chronicle updates as a Misplaced Texan goes through a record winter storm.  Now, under full disclosure, I have been here for 10 years and I realized this week that I have gotten much better at dealing with the snow.  I actually made it to a work meeting at 8 a.m on Tuesday with 4-6″ of snow.  That is a BIG deal!  Especially since I live in a neighborhood that does not get treated. 

Just to recap for those of you who have not closely followed my blog:

·         I hate weather under 50 degrees.

·         I live in a neighborhood that has problems getting plowed or treated (though, by organizing as a community and becoming a pain in the butt to the city our services have improved the last two years).

·         I am on a slight hill, so to get off my street after a snow fall requires serious skills and a whole lot of luck as you slide down the hill.

This week I was in Annapolis for work so I could not go to the Grocery store till about 1 p.m today when I returned home.  The grocery store was packed and practically empty of all food.  They had no more plastic bags and were having to use some small paper bags.  I bought the last pair of D Batteries. I also decided to buy all kinds of crap that I would NEVER buy at the Grocery store (I mean I am preparing to hunker down for 3-5 days (as suggested by my County Government…but they didn’t use the term Hunker Down..they suggested I Shelter in place)).

So, I am here, Carson is snoring beside me, and I am prepared. 

ü  Arctic Blaster 2000 (my Snow Shovel)

ü  Car parked facing downhill

ü  Windshield Wipers Out (Don’t want them to get stuck to the windshield)

ü  Batteries for my Flashlight

ü  All electronic plugged in and charging in case I lose electricity

ü  Camera ready to go

ü  Lots of Chicken for the Carsonator (He makes me cook for him now that he is sick)

ü  Wine

ü  Lots of junk food that I decided was okay to buy since it was a Winter Snow Storm (brownies, Cool Ranch Chips, Salt & Vinegar Chips, pepperoni (for making a pizza), and summer sausage (no idea why I got this))

ü  Lighter placed next to candles

ü  Movies ready

I will try to take pictures periodically so you can see the changes.  However, the heaviest of the snowfall is expected to be from this evening until tomorrow morning…so you might have to wait!

A short video marker of the start of the storm. 2 p.m. EST


The Backyard..figure that table might be a good marker of the height of snow as time passes.  Please note, all of this snow is left over from Tuesday.


There she is…Fancy Girl Barbie (the name given to my car by Hallie & Jackson)




Starting Snow picture



 Looking down the small Hill


The windshield wipers always makes me laugh..especially if you look down the street and see every car with their windshield wipers pointing out!

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