Snowpocalypse II

I dragged myself off the couch and ready to brave the weather.  Wool Socks, Long Johns, Snow Boots, Ski Pants, Undershirt, Fleece Pull-over, Jacket, Scarf, Hat, Gloves, and the ever handy Arctic Blaster 2000 (Show Shovel).  It took me 1/2 hour just to do my front walkway.  Then I discovered a problem.  I parked close to the curb and by these two large Scrub/Trees.  Well the snow created a sort of cave there and I can’t get to the street.  So I dug myself out to my car, but then I am stuck.  (See the Video below for reference).  So I took a break and then went back out to try and dig around my car.  I gave up after a half hour.  I was cold, a bit wet and the snow started to pick back up.  The depressing thing is just as fast as you shovel it, it comes back!  Even more depressing is I can’t just wait for it to melt. We are suppose to have record lows all week.  So if I want to get out of here in the next week, I have to dig myself out. 

The neighbors measured and we are sitting on 20″ right now.

(BTW, Snowpocalypse I was the storm I missed when I headed home for Christmas.)

A few more pictures:


Arctic Blaster 2000 – best money I ever spent


Not sure if you can tell, but my neighbor fell over while trying to shovel.  She is located to the left of the front door.  We had a good laugh.


Carson hoping out on the path I dug for him. 




Carson is helping me dig out by licking the snow.


Really, how am I digging that out?

This Video shows my predicament of shoveling to my car!

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One Response to Snowpocalypse II

  1. Nancy says:

    Snowly Cow! That’s a lot of white stuff. I’m cold just looking at it. Keep warm and dry, Jen.

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