SnonotgonnaworkMonday / Snofrickenmiserable

Miserable.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  I woke up this morning with every muscle in my back screaming as a result of yesterday’s shoveling.  Unfortunately,all I did yesterday was to clear the 24″ of snow from my front walk. I didn’t even tackle my car.  I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to be able to walk today. But I got out of bed, loaded up on some pain medicine and headed out to dig my car out.

As I was working on my car we had a little excitement. It appears some jerk on our street ordered a pizza!  So the poor Papa John’s pizza guy in his 4 wheel drive Jeep got stuck trying to make it up our hill to deliver the Pizza.  He didn’t make it but 50 feet!  Our street has not been plowed so he was stuck.  A bunch of the guys had to go help him dig out and shove him down the street.  He had to walk the pizza up the hill to deliver it.  And I am sure you all are as curious about the tip as we were…they gave him $1.00  A dollar!!!!  How outrageous is that.

So back to shoveling!  I worked on my car for an hour and a half and only got a small area cleared in front of the car. There is literally no where to put the snow.  I was miserable and in pain!  So I did what all smart people do…I hired one of the guys down the street to finish digging my car out.  He was able to dig the other 3/4 of my car out in about 45 minutes!  It was the best $20 I ever spent.

The Federal Government is closed tomorrow which means my office is closed.  That is a good thing, because I am not going anywhere fast.   Not really sure when I will be able to go somewhere.  Even more upsetting is the weather forecast.  We have more snow expected on Tuesday/Wednesday.  They say it could even be another foot of snow.  What am I going to do with another foot of snow!  It is not like this stuff is melting.

I honestly cannot imagine how people live like this on a regular basis. 

Utterly Miserable and Cooped Up Inside In D.C.

DSC01181FixMy progress after an hour and a half of digging


Pizza man stuck in the road


Carson trying to navigate a path in the backyard


Yes, there is suppose to be a street there.

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