Good news…we got our street plowed!  Bad news, the snow was pushed up against my car, so I am not going anywhere and will have to dig out AGAIN!  Rather than cry, I have decided to embrace this craziness!  Work is closed tomorrow and I am pretty sure it will be closed on Wednesday (as the current snow storm is not suppose to finish until Wednesday evening).  That will then make Thursday extremely questionable, so it could be the first day I physically get to leave my house is Friday (if I am lucky).  There is no garbage pick up this week.  I have a ton of recycling to put in the recycling bin…if only I could find it.  It is under 2 feet of snow somewhere.

Tomorrow morning I am going to walk to the local grocery story (about a mile away) with my backpack on and restock on Hunkering Down supplies.  I need to get back by Noon before it starts snowing again.  Then I am going to pray that I don’t lose power and that we get at least 9” of snow.  That is right folks, I am going to pray for 9” or more of snow. No, I have not lost my mind. I have just decided at this point to go Big or go Home!  If we get 9 more inches of snow this winter we will have the snowiest winter EVER on the books for the DC Metro Area.  It will be one more interesting thing I can add to my list of history making events that I got to experience while living in Washington, D.C.

Historical Events:

  • 9/11 Terrorist Attack
  • Anthrax (you haven’t lived until you have been chased out of buildings by men in White Biohazard suits and Gas Masks.)
  • Witnessing the wide-spread protests for the only Presidential Election decided by the U.S. Supreme Court
  • 2 Inaugurations & Inaugural Balls for a President from my party and my home state
  • Inauguration of the 1st African American President of the United State of America
  • Ronald Reagan’s Funeral
  • The Famous DC Area Sniper
  • The Snowiest Winter EVER

See it just belongs.  So I am embracing 10–20” of snow tomorrow/Wednesday.  Pictures to come tomorrow of the plowed street!

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1 Response to Snowtastic

  1. Laurie says:

    Ok thats thats the spirit just go for it. If nothing else you now have a steady stream of family and friends reading your blog daily. I sign on every morning to make sure you are ok. Be really careful walking to the store! You know you are a Kerber and we are not know for coordination – ha-ha I will pray you don’t loose power that would be the pits. Take care of you and Carson. I am sure he is enjoying all the time with you home.

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