Kaiser Snowze

I am sitting here waiting for the next snow storm to start.  It has been a productive morning. I walked to the grocery store and re-stocked the basics.  But the grocery store was a nightmare. They have not been able to really restock since the last snow storm so there was VERY little!  I had to take what fresh vegetables were available and some poor kid was crying because they were not going to be eating hamburgers (no beef) for dinner.   You have not had a good workout until you have walked a few miles in the snow (up hills…yes there were hills involved) with a backpack full of food!  It felt great to get out and get some exercise.  When I returned I spent an hour and a half digging my car out from the snow plow.  Good news: if I can just get out of my neighborhood the major roads look good!

Do you know how hard it is to get your garbage in your garbage can when it is buried in the middle of your yard under 2 feet of snow?  I looked pretty funny wading through the snow with my bags of garbage.  I have a counter full of recycling, only problem is the recycling bin is somewhere under the snow. 

Now, although the national weather center is still saying 10-20″ the local weather man is saying possibly only 6-12″!  Now, you know I am rooting for 9″+ so we can have the worst winter on record.  But I am not going to worry if we fall short with this storm.  Apparently we have ANOTHER STORM headed here on Monday.  If it kills me, I am leaving this house on Friday (which will mark 1 week since I have been stuck in my house).

BTW, the Federal Government is closed again today and one can only imagine it will be closed tomorrow, since it will still be snowing.  Then on Thursday, we will be trying to dig out, so we will likey be off again.  Can you imagine, the federal government (and this city) basically shut down for a week.

Some pictures for your enjoyment:


Really one of my favorite photo.  This is where the guy at the end of my street has decided to park his car.  Too lazy to dig himself a spot so he just stopped in the middle of the road.  Yes, the stop sign is located at the corner…seriously folks..this guy is in the MIDDLE of the road.


Ohh, isn’t that pretty…NOT.  It will look like this and worse for a long time.  Now, imagine that being everywhere and you having to get in and out of your car in nice work cloths.   Fun Fun Fun


One end of my street.


Sometimes you have to mark your spot when you leave your house.  I will tell you right now, if I take hours digging my car out in front of my home only to return home and discover someone has parked in my spot….its not going to be pretty.


Carson & the Other end of my street

BTW if you did not get my title you need to go see the movie Usual Suspects.

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