(I think this is my favorite title so far)

We are less than an inch away from breaking the record for snowiest winter on record and now I have officially been through a blizzard.  BTW, we still have a few more weeks of winter. 

Update: 5:45 p.m.  Snowfall sets new D.C. seasonal record, exceeding 54.4 inch set in 1899.

Things are good. I am having spotty phone reception so if you can’t get through don’t worry.  I am fine, just having technology issues. 

I shoveled a path for Carson in the backyard and shoveled out my front walk.  (It is easier to shovel while it is light and fluffy.  If it stays down to long or it rains the snow because heavy and icy.)  It is crazy out there with the high winds. 

Here are a few pictures:


My handy work.


I get a little nervous about the snow on the Roof.


There is a House in there somewhere!




My formerly plowed street.

Can you see my fence?


I am worried about these falling on the dog.


The side buildup again…


The path I dug for Carson.

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