The Edge of Sanity

Another day in Paradise.  🙂  I have been stuck in my house for 6 days and 3 hours right now.  I have shoveled 33” of snow from around MOST of my car and sidewalk and backyard.  (There wasn’t anybody out today offering to shovel snow for money. I have feeling everyone is sore from the last snow).  I am sore, I am cranky, and I am still in desperate need of a snow plow.  I stand 100% behind my severe dislike of snow.

Below are some pictures from today.  I heard my Texas friends are getting some serious snow (for Texas).  Enjoy, but please don’t send it my way.


The mound of snow is about as tall as I am.  Makes it fun when trying to shovel more snow on top of it.  My arm muscles are building daily!


Don’t you love that mound of snow from all my shoveling.


My street is under there somewhere.


The Backyard


Fat Boy (who isn’t so fat anymore)



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