RIP Carson

On Saturday I put Carson to sleep.  Unfortunately, it was time.  We spent a fabulous week together due to the great blizzards of 2010.  He loved it.  He loved the snow and he loved that I was stuck in the home for 7 straight days with him.  But the cancer was taking over his body.  He had tumors all and on occasion he would lose his footing on his hind legs (likely the result of tumors pushing on his spine), and he was sleeping about 23 hours a day.   He wasn’t eating anything more than the dinner I would make for him every night.  On Friday night I fixed him a special meal.  He had steak, rice, and some ice cream!  He loved it!!!

I had a vet come to the house to put Carson to sleep.  He wasn’t a fan of car rides in the last few months and he hated the vet.  Instead, he died happy in my arms.  It was definitely a gift to be able to take away his pain and not make him suffer anymore.  Carson had an amazing life.  I adopted him from a life on the street.  He was an extremely pampered dog with 4 dog beds, his own room (aka the guest bedroom), a dog walker, a dog door, 4 water bowls, two food bowls, and a variety of dog treats.  What more could a poor black lab from the mean streets of Virginia want?  I never had to use a leash with Carson because he knew a good thing when he saw it…he would always stay very close to me. The house is way too quiet without a dog. But, I know this is only a temporary adjustment as I am sure I will be a dog owner again.

Carson's Last Day

Carson hanging in the Snow

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7 Responses to RIP Carson

  1. Ernie says:

    Jen – I’m so very, very sorry for your loss… yet very touched to read the amazing final chapter that you and the Carsonator had together. Cheers, Carson W. Kerber.

  2. dad says:

    u know they have pigs ears in doggy heaven

  3. rita says:

    when i would hear of the terrible barrage of snow in DC, i kept thinking to myself geez, why is it snowing that much? it is odd that there is THAT much snow. now, i know. it gave you 7 uninterrupted days with your Carson. funny how things just happen like that.
    i loved your comment about the leash.
    so sorry for your loss.

  4. Theresa Smith (in KY) says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. How nice that you had that snowed-in quality time with him–such a sweet memory for you. Losing our pets is the worst part of pet ownership, but all the joys they bring us make it still worth it. Take care.

  5. shirl says:

    I have just read this, and I am SO VERY SORRY TO HEAR OF YOUR LOSS! Having had 4 dogs in my life, I know the feelings of loosing them. It’s just VERY VERY SAD! I’m sure Sophie, Little Anne, Little Pup, and the other (I can’t remember the wiener dog’s name!) will be playing with Carson. And Betsy–we can’t forget BDITW….

  6. Geneen says:

    I am so sorry about Carson, Jen. I am finally getting caught up after my trip (yes! It’s taking me this long!) and am sad to read about your sweet doggie.

    Hope to see you soon.

  7. Abby says:

    Hey – so sorry to hear about Carson. I was just thinking about the two of you the other day, wondering how he was doing. He was such a good and gentle creature – worthy of all of your love, and you are certainly worth the devotion he gave you. I was saying to Dave the other day that it seems amazing that dogs have been companions of humans for thousands of years and, for some reason, they have not evolved beyond a 12-15 year lifespan – I guess they are here to teach us unconditional love and humility in the relatively short time we have them. I am sure he is in peace up in “doggie heaven” as Smiley says. I cannot wait to see who you will adopt next!

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