S’nowed Over by County Services

Ideally you pay taxes in return for services provided by the county/city.  Ideally, those services might be getting your street plowed during a snow storm.  As we have found out…that just isn’t the case. 

On Day 7 after Snowmageddon a Fire Truck and Ambulance got stuck on our unplowed side street. We thought this would be a blessing in disguise.  While waiting an hour for the heavy rescue truck to tow them out of the snow, we asked them to call County officials and report the incident and the need for our area to be plowed.   They said they would, but they warned us that many of the snow plows were breaking down and repair parts were hard to find…so it may take a while. 

On Day 8 of Snowmageddon we were very excited because a plow truck was coming down our street!  However, it wasn’t plowing, it was putting down sand!  Much to the plow driver’s surprise, he got stuck on our UNPLOWED street.  So as he is shoveling himself out we ran over and asked, “Are you going to plow our street.”  He tells us “No, Boss says this street has already  been plowed and just needs sand.”   We asked him if it looked plowed and if he often got stuck on a plowed street.   Like all good employees he decided not to think for himself and do what he was told, put down sand.   So, on Day 8, we have sand on an unplowed street.

Every day we have been calling Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), our State Delegate, City Council members, and the President of our Subdivision trying to find someone who could help us get our street plowed.   I did finally find out that VDOT had hired a contractor to shovel our subdivision.  I suggested they not pay the bill because the contractor was doing a REALLY bad job.

So on Day 9, we did the only thing we could do….we turned to craigslist and hired a man to plow part of our street.  He arrived very quickly and plowed maybe 1/3 of our street in 20 minutes for a small fortune.   It might have been expensive, but it was well worth it!  You can really tell a plowed street from a non-plowed street.  Now we  could actually leave the street!.  Unfortunately, only two of us (with 4-wheel drive vehicles) were able to get back because the other half of the street is a mess.

On Day 10 after Snowmageddon (Sunday) and one day before another expected snow storm, I called the police on my neighbors at the far end of the street.  If you remember, they have a car parked in the middle of the unplowed street which they have NEVER dug out.  They have all kinds of friends stopping by and just parking in the middle of the street.  Whenever someone returns to our street  you have to go down the Hill (You certainly aren’t making it up the hill!), which means you are required to go by their house.  All 3 times I had ventured out, I nearly hit their cars.  I was sent over the edge yesterday when I was forced to navigate around their car in the middle of the street, their car parked with hazards on in the ONLY open lane of one street, and another big pickup truck that was left just idling in the middle of the street.  The police told them they had to dig their car out of the middle of the road and gave them a few tickets for the bad parking jobs.

This morning, Day 11, I was actually awoken at 5:30 a.m. to the sounds of a loud truck going down the street. I jumped up, looked out the window and there it was in all its glory…a real snow plow!  It took 11 days after a snow storm to get our street plowed.  Good news, it is just in time for the small dusting of snow we getting today.


Plowed Street Paid for by Us


Unplowed Street


Unplowed Street 2


My Neighbors Car in the Middle of the Road…this was before the 2nd Snow Storm.

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  1. dad says:

    Perhaps the amount of taxes you pay was not enough to get your street done first. However someone was

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