Stinky Fur Ball

Life after the Great Blizzard of 2010 has been crazy (hence the delay in posting). I did learn a pretty important lesson. You really need to dig your garbage can out! I didn’t and then I had 33 inches of snow surrounding it in the middle of the yard. I actually had to go buy a new garbage can because I wasn’t going to be able to get to the old one anytime soon! I rescued it last week, but it was a good lesson to learn. Not only are you stuck in the house for a week…there is no one to pick up your garbage and there is no where to put your garbage if you can’t get to it!

I spent a wonderful few days taking care of my little cousins recently. I always have so much fun doing it, but it does remind me how hard it is! They were wonderful; I only wish we had more time to just hang out. As the kids get older you have sports, birthday parties, lessons, school, etc. It was a jam packed schedule and I left wishing we had some more time to just hang out. We did have a bit of a meltdown on the last day. Apparently it has been a rough day at school, then to top it off it was raining outside and I had to do some work from home before dinner. So, as I was working I heard all hell break loose in the basement (crying, banging, yelling, etc). So, I quickly ran to the top of the stairs to find out what was happening. Naturally I went to the oldest, J, and asked what happened. They are both in a state of tears so this is the dialogue:

J: Well she called me a really nasty word…I mean it’s so bad it is almost a curse word.

Me: Really? What did she call you?

J: I am not sure I can say it, it’s really bad.

Me: It’s okay, I give you permission. What did she call you?

J: She called me a Stinky Fur Ball.

I immediately had to turn around because I was laughing at this new curse word. I was prepared for much much worse. Well after interrogation of both suspects I found one upset the other, names were called, fingers were bent back and then kicking ensued. So I sent them both to their room to think about how awful it was that they couldn’t even be nice to their own sibling!  (Like this kind of guilt works on kids!)   I also took away our Mondae’s (We were going to have a Sundae on Monday). This was very devastating but I took a hard stand. Nobody deserves Mondae’s if they can’t be nice to their own flesh and blood! 

So after an ample period in their room (and I finished up my work) they came back down and that is when K started to make me laugh. She was devastated that she had been banished to her room and that there would be no Mondae’s . She is very dramatic (she may have a future in Theater). She says:

K: I am a Wreck, Aunt Jen, I’m a Wreck

Me: Why? What’s wrong?

K: I am just a wreck. I had a bad day at school. I can’t get any privacy in the basement; I can’t get any privacy at school. I am just a wreck.

She is 6 and it was a dramatic performance worthy of an Oscar. I had nothing but a large grin on my face. How can that not melt your heart? She is so darn cute..and where does she come up with this Wreck and Privacy stuff? We ended up having a great night playing Old Maid, but I maintained my stance on the Mondae’s. It was really hard! They really wanted them and I felt awful…but I wasn’t about to risk them not taking me seriously.

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2 Responses to Stinky Fur Ball

  1. Laurie Dodson says:

    The apple does not fall far from the tree! Ask Kris if she ever says this.
    i hear Lauren say the same thing I say. I think where did she come up with that and then I hear myself say it. This is really cute! I have no idea how you hold it together with out laughing! You are a Great Aunt Jen.

  2. shirl says:

    The kids are so lucky to have you!

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