You Cut – Your Input on Cutting the Federal Budget!

Okay yes, I have been AWOL…but for good reason!  I bought a place and am in the middle of moving.  I have lots to post..but for right now I wanted to bring to your attention something a little political…a new website.

I don’t know about you but our National Debt keeps me up at night on occasion.  I sit there and worry about how we are going to reduce our deficit and how much am I going to have to pay for our frivolous spending. I certainly don’t run my household that way.  And this is not something you can blame on one party or the other…they are both to blame.  (I think that is why all incumbents seem to be getting voted out of office.)  When I listen to the news I hear about more and more spending programs and then you learn about Greece and other country that are on the verge of financial collapse and I can’t help but wonder how far behind is the United State form all this?  It just seems like we keep pulling money out of thin air to pay for things.

Well I found a new website that was released today. In the name of full disclosure, it is a website created by the it will be slightly biased.  It is called You Cut. 

Each week the website will highlight 5 Federal Programs and allow you to vote on what needs to be cut.  Based on your votes, Members of Congress will then try to vote on reducing spending in those programs.  I think it’s a fabulous idea!

So Check it out!  You Cut!

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