Elections, W Hotel, and Moving

Tomorrow we get a glimpse into the Novembers Elections.  Tomorrow is basically a super Tuesday..with several primaries.  What we will find out tomorrow is if:

a.  The REpublican’s are on a roll and will be taking back Congress or

b.  There is an anti incumbent fever and most people who are in office will be booted – republican or democrat. 

I think it will be B because the Republican’s still don’t have a strong platform, agenda and plan.  But they are trying.   We shall see tomorrow. I suspect we will see some long term Members of Congress ousted because they are “inside” the beltway.


Also on a totally separate note, I went to the W Hotel this weekend for a surprise Birthday party for my cousin. Gorgeous hotel and it overlooks the White House: You cannot beat the view from the rooftop (which was the location of the party!)  However, the hotel is so pretentious!  There were lines, and ropes, and you had to be on a List to get past the ropes.  Luckily my name was on the list!  Then I was allowed past the rope. I then had to stand in another rope line to get an escorted elevator ride to the rooftop by some young woman making minimum wage.   It was just so funny..I was being “gate kept” by someone just entering the work world making minimum wage.  In my 20’s, I would have thought getting in to the W would have been a major accomplishment.  In my 30’s, the pretentiousness only makes me laugh. 

When I was leaving the hotel a cab pulled up to drop people off. As they were getting out, I leaned down and said, “Are you available” to the Cabbie.  A cute man getting out of the cab says, “I am available.”  I gave him my best smile and thick Texas accent and said, “well it’s too bad you are arriving as I am leaving.”  Then I stole his cab for a ride home.


On a completely different note, I am smack dab in the middle of moving!  Very exciting.  Cleaning out 10 years worth of crap (and crap left from every roommate I ever had live here!).  Soon, I will be sleeping in a place I actually own.  Very exciting.

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