Our American Girl Doll Party – Day 1 New York City

Day 1 in New York City

We had a blast!  Hallie enjoyed the Train ride to New York…but she did ask to see my watch every 20 minutes to see if we were closer to our arrival time!  The train allowed for plenty of time to talk and I got two jewels out of our conversations.

M:  Do you get an Allowance?

H:  Well, yes and no. I lost my paper that said all the chores I needed to do but really I was only getting $2.00 a week and I had like 10 chores to do.  I mean $2.00 for 10 chores really isn’t a lot.

I also learned Hallie’s plan for Life:

“First I am going to get smart, then I am going to get a good job with lots of money, then find a smart man with a good job, then, if he passes all my tests, we will get married.  Then once we are married we are going to travel around.  Then once we have a good safe home and good money we will have kids…like maybe in my 30’s.”  Then she tells me that this is her plan, and even if things don’t go strictly on the timeline of her plan, it is still what she is going to work toward.

That is one smart girl!

American Girl Doll Visit:

I have to tell you..Hallie’s matching outfit with her Julie doll was a HUGE Hit.  Just walking down the streets of New York we got so many comments and looks.  Grown men in suits would start smiling and compliment her.  We arrived at the American Girl Doll store and Hallie’s face lit up!  She loved it.  That store is amazing. They have EVERYTHING (for a small fortune.)  We checked her Doll into the Hair Salon to get a fancy braid and get her ears pierced.  They taught Hallie how to do Julie’s hair and take care of her ears.

Hallie had a great time at the dinner where Julie sat at our table.  We had a lot of great thought provoking questions to pose to one another as conversation starters (i.e. Would you rather have no siblings or 10 siblings…we all chose 10!).  The food wasn’t something I would recommend but the atmosphere was great.  Do you know they even had a place for the doll in the bathroom.

After dinner at the American Gil Doll Store we went to the Top of the Rock for a fantastic view of New York City.  All and All it was a wonderful day.

I will post pictures when we get back to D.C.

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3 Responses to Our American Girl Doll Party – Day 1 New York City

  1. Carla says:

    Sounds like a PERFECT time…what a smart cookie she is, too!

  2. Brad says:

    Awesome!!! Glad y’all are having a good time! Look forward to the pics!

    – Brad

  3. Debbie Griffle says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time!

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