A Glimpse into the Elections (Just 50 days away)

CNN Breaking News: Tea Party-backed Christine O’Donnell will win Delaware GOP Senate primary over party favorite Mike Castle, CNN projects.

This is an interesting sign…it shows  the power of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin at the ballot box.  On one hand I find it scary, on the other I find it a bit exciting.  I like the basic message of the Tea Party – less government and quit spending taxpayer funds.  Could they be true limited government fiscal conservatives?  For me that is the promised land. But as always, the devil is in the details.  How will they react if they make it to Congress?  The Republican Party is still lacking a strong message and concrete policies, but I believe in the basic premise.  Castle is/was a Moderate Republican, something I like…the more people we have close to the middle the more we can get done.  The unfortunately thing is that in recent polls Ms. O’Donnell is far behind the Democratic nominee…but Congressman Castle is ahead.  So, in the primary we just ousted an incumbent to someone who can’t win in the general election.

This shows the true anti-incumbent nature of this election.  That can be good.  If you are disgusted with them wipe it out and start over. But, one of the reasons I am concerned with the headline above is that I am afraid Ms. Palin is going to start thinking she can win a run at the Presidency…and in my opinion that would be deadly for the Republican Party.  She is not electable on a National level.  We would face the same problems we have now with someone who truly lacks leadership and business experience.  Additionally, the last job she was elected to she quit early…that is going to hurt her in a national election.  The best thing Ms. Palin can do for us is continue to energize the Tea Party, focus on helping true limited government fiscal conservatives get elected.  But, please GOD do not run for President!

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