A.P.B. Missing Two Red Bull

We have recently consolidated our offices into one building.  Now I don’t drink coffee, tea, and I rarely have sodas.  So when I really need to make sure I am awake, I drink a red bull.  I think I have told you this before and how I like to put the red bull in a coffee mug at Board Meetings because I don’t want all these executives thinking odd of me.  Anyway, at our new building, I have been unable to locate a place near by that sells Red Bull…you know for those emergency situations.  So I brought 2 red bulls with me to work and put the in the fridge.  I don’t want you to think odd of me, I don’t drink them all the time.  Just those early morning meetings where I need to be awake…and it would be detrimental for me to fall asleep.  It is my crutch…don’t judge me you coffee drinkers!

So, last week I had a very important early meeting.  It had and early morning meeting with a bunch of my high-level member executives.  It was a red bull morning.  So I go to the fridge to get my red bull and I can’t find them.  I search and search and search.   I start to freak out.  Before I put out the ABP on 2 small silver cans of Red Bull, I have my assistant confirm that there is no red bull in the fridge.  She looks and looks and looks…and yes, she confirms…they have been stolen!  They had only been in the fridge 2 days…and now they were missing.  And its red bull…how many people drink red bull?????

So I immediately went to my General Counsel to find out if I might have a lawsuit on my hand.  I mean someone did STEAL my red bull and it COULD adversely affect my work performance.   He said he would drop everything and immediately start an investigation in to my missing red bull.  I appreciated his effort (even though I think he might have been joking).

I brought the theft to my CFO’s attention.  He offered to pay for them. I told him it wasn’t the cost that was the issue.  It was the theft!  Had someone asked, I would have given them 1 of my red bulls (not both!)

Seriously…I also went to my CEO about it.  Yes, with everything on his mind, I went to my CEO about the missing red bull.  You might call this crazy.  I did it jokingly of course.  He agreed we needed to launch a full investigation immediately.  (I think everyone in the office knows that if I am not happy they will never hear the end of it.).

It really was a traumatic experience for me. You don’t expect your stuff to be stolen from the fridge.  But, on a serious note, it did make me think that once again my Red Bull consumption may be getting out of control.   A few years ago when I gave up Red Bull for Lent…I seriously went through withdrawal….. headaches, body aches, moodiness (oh who is kidding, the moodiness is just normal).

So, I may need to rethink my Red Bull consumption.  In the mean time, I picked up a 4 pack to take to the office this week.  I will think about scaling my consumption when Congress goes home in early October.

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3 Responses to A.P.B. Missing Two Red Bull

  1. Angie Morton says:

    There is nothing more infuriating than having something stolen out of the work fridge! I suggest you invest in one of those mini fridges (hold six soda cans) and put it under your desk. Your coworkers can not be trusted!

  2. rita says:

    you need your own fridge in your office. would solve the problem.

  3. Irma says:

    UNACCEPTABLE! Your own co-workers…you can’t trust anyone in DC!!

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