Classmates with Cancer – Emmy Contender!

We got amazing news last night. The FoxNews Cancer Segment (Classmates with Cancer) about my friends Julie, Kathy and Michelle’s battle with cancer was nominated for an Emmy. It is an amazing story of 3 different girls all from the same high school class each with their own Cancer story.  One passed away due to Melanoma, One is fighting a major battle with reoccurring Breast Cancer, and one is surviving ovarian cancer.  All 3 women had to take their care into their own hands to get the treatment they really needed.  It is an amazing inspirational story.  If you have not seen it, check it out:

I will let you know on October 12 if we won.  It is kind of fitting we got this news. I have been thinking about Julie a lot lately.  This was the time 3 years ago when things went downhill rapidly.  Still, I have to smile when I think about her because she was an incredible fighter!

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