Winter PTSD

The weather this week has been crappy. Its cold, but its not “Winter” cold yet..50’s and 60’s. But my problem with the current weather is that it has been grey, overcast and it looks exactly like it looks when you are going to get snow!!!  On my way to work on Tuesday I was utterly depressed by the seemingly winter days.  At sat their and pondered….”why am I am so depressed so early in the season?”  In 10 years I have not been this depressed this early in the season. I mean honestly…65 degrees can be pretty nice.  But I realized what my problem was:   SNOWAPOCLYPES, SNOWMAGEDON, SNOWYOUDIDN”T, SNOWCAN’TTAKEITANYMORE!    I must have some form of winter post traumatic stress syndrome!  Last years winter was so awful that I am panicking early!  It looks like winter and all I can think about is shoveling 32” of snow and being stuck in my house alone for 11 days. I seriously cannot take another Winter.

Based on looks, if I was in Vegas I would put money on  us having snow by Thanksgiving.

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