Rally & Elections

I did not go to the Rally to Restore Sanity. This city was crazy this weekend and I could not brave the insanity. There was a horse show downtown, Homecoming, the Rally and a Marathon. I just couldn’t fight the crowds! I wanted to, but once my friend waited 25 minutes to get an empty subway car (having numerous ones pass her), I decided it was not for me.

This rally was to restore Sanity..to restore civility. Even Jon Stewart had a fantastic message at the end of the rally, “of course we will have animus, of course we’ll have disagreement, but we don’t have to turn each other into enemies.” Yet, I still saw hate signs this weekend. I saw numerous “tea-bagger” costumes with “death” on them. I find it strange that so many people didn’t get the message. I hope when they left it started to sink in. But I also won’t classify an entire Rally by a few bad actors.

That gets back to my biggest discussions lately..the Tea Party. I am having to justify them at every turn..but I don’t know why. It seems everyone wants to paint them as extremist, racist, and pushing moral issues. Because now a days if its on the Internet it must be true. You take a few You Tube Video’s that highlight “wierdo’s” and then paint them as the entire party. Come on folks…we all have the wierdo’s in our parties (and in our families…admit it). When I say, I completely agree with the fundamental issues of the Tea Party: less government, fiscal conservatism, and no position on moral issues….they freak, because that is not what many people believe are the fundamental issues of the Tea Party. That is how the Tea Party movement started…it isn’t a party…but a movement. There are no organized leaders. They are basically just a group of people who are unhappy with the current direction of the country and who are concerned with our fiscal policy. Are they motivated enough to make a difference? We will find out on Tuesday.

Am I part of the Tea Party? Rather we should ask is The Tea Party part of me? Because I have always been a fiscally conservative, limited government person who does not believe the Government should get involved in moral issues.

I am excited about the election on Tuesday, but that is because I am always excited about an election. There is a lot of talk here inside the Beltway about the elections. The numbers just keep going up and up on how many seats the Republicans will gain. 40, 50, 60, 70, 90! I am not buying into all the hype. There are 49 seats that have historically been Republican seats but during the Presidential Election Democrats were elected to those seats. It is natural for those seats to correct and go back to Republican seats. How many more than that? I don’t know…in fact, I am not even sure we will get all of those. If I had to hazard a guess I am thinking 56 seats in the House and 8 seats in the Senate.

In the end, the House will go Republican, the Senate will stay democrat, we will have a divided Congress and we will spend the next two years getting absolutely nothing done. It’s the Same Old Song!

Welcome to politics…aren’t you glad you voted?

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