Mid-Term Elections 2010

First let me say, I started this blog pretty early in the Election Night, so by the time you read this..things could have changed.  But, I won’t be able to post anything until late tomorrow so I thought I would take a gamble.  I realized tonight I have a problem… I am a junkie.  I watched the election results on TV..switching between channels every few minutes. I also had my laptop up checking website and monitoring my email.  I had my new iPad that I am testing for work monitoring Twitter.  And, I had my iPhone beside me receiving text-message election results.  I was completely plugged in—and probably a little bit on overload.

First…Oh What A Night!  Powerful Mena and Women went down..from both parties (but much more From D’s than R’s)!  Many great Members of Congress are in the fight of their life to retain their seat.  We are going to have one of the largest classes of Freshman Members of Congress in 2011.  At this point Republicans are confirmed to be taking more than a 52 seats gain in the House.   52 Seats is what the Republican’s gained back in the historic 1994 Contract with America Election.  This is significant.  I think by the time we wake up tomorrow it will be more like a 65 seat pick up in the House.  BUT..what does that mean?

Well for me and you and the Average citizen…probably not a lot for the next two years.  We are going to have more gridlock..and much much less will get done.  There won’t be a lot of new spending…but there probably won’t be a lot of budget cuts.  The real question is, “Does the Administration Hear the Message.”  The Electorate is clearly unhappy.  And let me be clear… I am not sure if we had President Clinton (Hilary) or President McCain things would be much different.  Yes, I just said that.  Our economic issues are the main angst of the American public.  That was the number one issue on exit polling…by a 2 to 1 margin over any other issue. I am not sure anyone could have turned around a global economic recession in 2 year.   The newly elected Tea Party Republicans will be out to make a difference and will shocked to find out even if you control one chamber of Congress…you can’t get crap down.

BUT..the question now is what is the President going to do?  Does he look at this, absorb the information and MAKE A CHANGE IN DIRECTION?  I am not sure.  Clinton did it.  Reagan did it.  But frankly, I am not sure this President will take to heart this election.    We will get a glimpse into his reaction tomorrow.  He has called a Press Conference to address the election results tomorrow afternoon  (I never remember a President doing this in the past..they normally allow their Press people to do it if they even say anything).   The press conference will be sometime tomorrow afternoon. I am very interested to see what he says.  I would be very impressed if his message is, “Okay America, I hear you.  We are going back to the drawing board, we are going to reexamine our policies and we are going to see how we can work across party lines to address your economic angst. “  But I seriously doubt we will get that.

Several interesting tidbits tonight:

Pelosi is History.  A friend had a great Status update. It said, “Okay, well give you the World Series, but we are taking back the Speaker of the House.”  Frankly, I give her credit..she lasted much longer than I ever expected.  I suspect she will retire in the next few weeks.  Is it really worth being in office if you are not the Top Dog…after you were the top dog? Does the CEO really ever go from CEO to VP of Operations and hang around?  No!

Louisiana Senator David Vitter was able to get re-elected despite his affinity for Prostitutes.  I just love Louisiana, not even former Congressman Jefferson was ousted after he got caught with 90K in marked Bribed bills in his Freezer.   No pretense in LA…what you see is what you get. As long as they are taking care of LA they can do what they want.

What we have right now is a glimpse into the future.  Most of America is in the middle, and it is the fringe elements of both parties that drive elections.   We are going to spend several years flipping Control of Congress back and forth. Gone are the years where Democrats controlled Congress for 60 years, or Republicans Controlled Congress for 12 years.

Unless we figure out how to compromise, build consensus, and reach across the aisle…we aren’t moving forward…there are no winners.  (But don’t get me wrong, I still have a smile on my face tonight.)

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  1. Shirley Koch says:

    Loved your tell….

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