iPad, Twitter, & Politics…

I am addicted.  I know you guys think I am probably talking about Red Bull, and yes, I still haven’t fully kicked my red bull problem…but I have two new addictions:  Twitter and iPad.

I am testing the iPad for work.  It is awesome. I am still not fully convinced I can use it for all my work needs…but it has become my note pad in the office…not the 50 billion pads of paper I have in my office.  But my real new love is Twitter.  I can get all the news I need instantly…and it’s delivered in 140 words or less!  I am on information overload!  And when I see 140 words that intrigue me..I just click on the link and I can read the story.  No longer do I have to wait for my Google Alert listing several articles from the day…nor do I have to skim all these different online publications.  I just follow people, organizations, things that interest me on Twitter and I get news practically as it happens.   This is very dangerous for a news junkie like myself.


Couldn’t leave the post with a few political tidbits.

I was very disappointed in Obama’s post election press conference.  At first, I thought he sounded good…it sounded like he said, “Okay, I hear you…I am going to make some changes.”  Then during the Q&A he abandons all that and blames the election on a failure to communicate.   Then a few days latter he goes on 60 minutes and basically says the reasons Republican swept the House was because he wasn’t adequately able to communicate his message and his agenda.  Well if you take a step back from this what he is actually saying is, “Jennifer…the reason you voted for a Republican Representative last week was because you didn’t understand my agenda, my healthcare bill, or what I have been doing in D.C..”   Well, I beg to differ…I am not stupid, and nor do I think the fundamental problem here is a failure to communicate.  I think we went to far left and most of the people want small incremental change and they want to be in the center.

And completely segwaying to a different topic, I TIVO’ed Bush on Oprah….It reminded me why I fundamentally like W. as a person.

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1 Response to iPad, Twitter, & Politics…

  1. Brad says:

    Try Tweetdeck for iPad — it’s a Twitter app. The iPad rules! I use mine all the time!

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