Good Speech

All in All, I thought it was a good speech. I thought it read better than it was delivered.  But I liked the message.  Now the devil is in the details.  Can we innovate and invest without breaking the bank?  Can we make cuts without hurting our systems and security?  Can we work together?  We shall see…

Here are a few photos of my War Room tonight. I had to make sure I had all my media coverage:

  1. TV with the State of the Union
  2. Computer with White (visual aids for the SOTU..(this really fell flat) and CSPAN2 for live tweets from Members of Congress
  3. Laptop for Twitter, so I could see what was happening
  4. iPad for Facebook and Emails.

Yes, I can’t live without technology!

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1 Response to Good Speech

  1. Fancy says:

    Sounds like a perfect evening for you! I’m glad you’re my friend and you do these things for me. You know I won’t do it for myself! 🙂

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