Its a Great Day for a State of the Union

Exciting Day for some of us Politico’s…The President will give his State of the Union (SOU) address.  The one thing this President is very good at is delivering speeches (with the help of his teleprompter….he has a very high reliance on his teleprompter…I think I would too).  I will spend today trying to get leaked information of what will be in the SOU so we can adequately respond for work.  I suspect it will be a good speech for him.  The President is coming off the national speech he gave after the Gifford’s shootings and I have to say that was the best speech I have seen from him.

The focus of tonight’s speech will be on Innovation, Competitiveness, the Economy and Jobs Jobs Jobs.  All of these things are great issues for my work.  I don’t expect more than a short mention on security (as opposed to Bush’s SOU’s which focused almost entirely on security and terrorism).  We are still at war so he will have to mention Afghanistan and Iraq.  But, it won’t be the main focus of tonight’s speech.

Much has been made of the tonight’s seating arrangements.  Will Republican’s and Democrats sit together to show bi-partisanship.  Frankly, I don’t really care.  Sitting together might be symbolic, but I would rather you actually work together than just sit together for a pretty picture on TV.

One thing I want to watch for tonight is the use of the word “Investment”.  How much “Investment” will we need to make to drive innovation, competitiveness, and jobs?  To me: “Investment” means “spending” and it better be controlled investment, not another stimulus.  I will be interested in seeing the Republican response after the SOU.  Paul Ryan, one of my favorite Fiscal Conservatives, will deliver the Republican response.

All and All, It is an exciting day for someone like me.


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