I Survived the Thunder Snow!

We got about 9” of snow and normally I would think that is a lot, but nothing really compares to the 33” of last winter.  Luckily, I got home just before the snowstorm started at 3 p.m.   Some of my colleagues were not as lucky.   We had something I Had never heard of before yesterday: Thunder Snow!  It’s when it is Thundering (and Lighting) while it’s snowing.  During Thunder Snow you can have snow fall at 1-2” an hour (that’s a lot).

So the Thunder Snow happened during Rush Hour and it was a mess.  Apparently people were abandoning cars on the major roadways so then the snowplows could not get through and do their job.  It was a mess.  My boss lives 5 miles from the office.  It took her over 5 hours to get home.  It was fascinating watching Twitter and everyone commenting on their commutes.

I hunkered down and made some Chili and enjoyed the snowfall.  But the very best part of the snow fall is my new House.  By the time I woke up this morning my parking lot had already been plowed and the roads in my neighborhood had been treated.  This is amazing!  I can’t believe I spent 10 year in a house where we had to hire our own snowplow off Craigslist or wait days until our street got treated for the most minor snow fall.  I can actually get places after a snow!

Pictures Coming Soon…

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