Lighting Myself on Fire

I had a dinner party tonight and I decide to cook my Mom’s famous Shish-K-Bob recipe. I prepped everything early and let the food marinade over night. I was determined to make a splash.

I went to light the grill and it wouldn’t light.  I kept pushing the light button, but I wasn’t getting the “clicking” noise that I normally hear.  So I leave the gas on and go get a lighter.  I go downstairs, stand before the grill, and click the lighter.   I am not even close to the grill when the entire air around me goes up in flames.  This includes my arm hairs, the front of my head…everything!    I quickly put the fire out on my head and run inside praying to God I still had eyebrows.

I did.  But the entire front of my head was filled with little curly cues of singed hair and it smelt awful!  It immediately took me back to when my brother was 18 years old and worked a fire in which he had a flame come  up under his helmet and it burnt his eyebrows and his hairline on his forehead.   Well when he came home he looked so funny I couldn’t help but laugh at him.  I told him the girls would be all over a guy with little eyebrows and curly cue hairs.

So tonight, after I confirmed my eyebrows were untouched and remained intact, I called Rob and apologized.  Lighting yourself on fire is really traumatic!   Good news is, I have a bunch of hair on my head so you really can’t tell other then the short curly cues!  Oh, and I learned a really important lesson.  Don’t leave the gas on while you go get a lighter!

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