My Online Life

I worry a little bit about having a blog.  All of my information is just out there for anyone to read.  What happens if I run for office (never going to happen so I really don’t ask this question.)   But seriously, I realized how much information there was online about me when I started interviewing people for a job. I had to give these recent graduates credit because they took my name and did some research.  They knew way more about me then I knew about them. They would ask me questions where I started to wonder if we had ever met.  Then I realized they got it all online.

That made me a little nervous. But in todays world and in my world, blogs, twitter, facebook, social media, linkedin…its all part of the job.

But that wasn’t really the reason I started this particular blog post.  I wanted to point out one of the things I love about having a blog.   I love being able to read old stories.  This is a great blog post and really makes me miss the Carsonator.  He was so damn stubborn…I think that is why I liked him so much.  Never thought I would lose an argument with a dog.

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