Another Cancer Fight on the Horizon

You know we aren’t supposed to ask why, we are just supposed to trust in Him.  But sometimes it is hard.  Another dear friend of mine is battling cancer.  She actually ad successfully battled cervical cancer 2 1/2  years ago.  But its back, and I have to say it is way more aggressive then I like.  Kathy’ cervical cancer has spread to her lungs, kidney, breast and esophagus.  It is now stage IV.  She has two children (13 and 9 years old).

She was featured on this video, Classmates with Cancer that chronicled the story of my best friend Julie, Kathy, and another classmate, Michelle.  Kathy is the lone survivor.  I feel like I am overdue for a cancer success story and I think it is going to be Kathy’s story!  She has started a blog,  I think she was inspired by Julie’s blog.  She has a fantastic attitude, very positive and optimistic. She is a very strong woman so I don’t think this Cancer has a clue what it is in for.

As Julie would say, Yay God.  (But I have to admit…I am saying that with a little  less energy than I normally would…I just don’t understand why Kathy has to go through this.)

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