Simple Things

The older I get the more the important things in life start to smack me in the face.  Gone are the days of the easy problems…so and so broke up with me…I don’t know if I should break up with so and so…I don’t know what I am going to do with my life.    Now we have friends facing terminal diseases, infertility, questions about marriage and divorce, addictions.  Serious problems.

This weekend I celebrated a friend’s 40th birthday and hung out with a friend fighting cancer and I am reminded life is all about the simple things.  We have to stop and smell the roses.  That 30-minute conversation in the pool worth a life-time…simple.  Laughing with friends over dinner about things you did at 16…simple.  Watching you try on hats before the Chemo takes your hair…simple.  Brunch…simple.  Laughing on a hotel bed with friends….simple.  Cooking you dinner…simple.  Playing Charades…simple.  Sitting in the spa pool with friends…simple.

But these are the things we rush through. These are the things we sometimes say we are too busy to do.  But in the end…these will be the things I remember and cherish.

No matter how busy my life gets (or yours or anyones) we have to remember the simple things are all that matters.

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3 Responses to Simple Things

  1. Irma Croteau says:

    You made me get teary! Yes, it’s the simple things…smush them all together and you realize what a wonderful life you have!

  2. Geneen says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Miss you.

  3. Kathy says:

    So glad you are blogging again! I love the way you write. This was a great experience for me, too. And it is my PLAN (if I have any say) to be there again in 2012. 😉

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