The Best Christmas Gift Ever

I have been volunteering with an animal rescue organization, Lucky Dog Rescue.   I have been fostering rescue dogs taken from high kill shelters in the Carolinas and brought to the DC area.  It has been great. These poor dogs have been through so much and I open up my home to them, help them work on their manners, and then get them into a forever home.  Its not easy, but it is extremely rewarding.  It also tends to be time consuming…but again worth every minute.  I knew there would come a time when I would have a foster dog that I just could not give up.  That time came on December 3, 2011.

I was supposed to pick up a 3 year old male Yellow Labrador Retriever off transport and just OVERNIGHT the dog.  When you overnight the dog you just get the dog off transport, clean him up, feed him and take him to the adoption event the next day.  I was only going to overnight this dog because I was fostering a basset hound named Cooper and he had not been adopted yet.

I arrive at Transport and the most handsome Yellow Lab gets off the bus.  He is well behaved, sweet, and very good-looking.  I load him up in the car and within one hour I was thinking, “Crap…I might want to keep this amazing dog.”   So I check with our adoption people to find out what I might need to do if I wanted to keep him.  It turns out he already had 6 pre-approved applications in for him and he was definitely being adopted by someone the next day at 11 a.m.  So, I was told if I wanted him I had to make a decision ASAP.  I immediately said, “MINE!”  And that was how I got the best Christmas gift ever.

I really feel for someone because they must have almost the most amazing dog.  He is 3, so he is passed the puppy stage.  He is completely trained…walks great on a leash, great with other dogs, loves kids, believes he should sit on the couch, rides wonderfully in the car, never had an accident in the house, knows basic commands….  What else can I say? He is perfect!

I forgot how much I love having a dog.  We are having a blast.  The only minor complaint I have, and I know it is my own fault, is that he hogs the bed.  I am going to have to kick him off…I just haven’t brought myself to do it yet.

He is about to get his own blog page, just like Carson had.  He is definitely not as stubborn and defiant as Carson…at least not yet.

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