A Day In The Life


Sleeping on the Bed

I snuck into Mom's bed in the middle of the night. I just love sleeping on a Pillow.

GOOD MORNING DC!!!!  It’s me Toby (don’t know who I am?  Check out my Page up above…the one that says Toby!), I am trying out my Radio Voice on you.  What do you think?  So, I have been with this lady for 6 weeks now (I call her Mom) and I am loving it!  I am spoiled rotten…it’s a nice change from life on the road.  Apparently I have family in Texas who sent me all kinds of toys for Christmas.  I have a grandpa who likes to video chat often just so he can check me out.   My Grandma keeps saying she is coming for a visit so she can meet me.

We have settled in a nice routine and I am pretty sure I am here to stay.   So now I think it is time for me to figure out what I want to do with my life.  I mean there has to be something beyond sleeping, playing with my toys, going to do the dog park and having my personal assistant Katherine take me for a walk.

I overheard my Mom on the phone signing us up for some dog obedience classes.  I don’t really understand why.  I sit, I stay, I even let her put the treat right in front of my nose and I don’t make a move to eat it until I hear her say, “Okay”.   So what if I don’t lay down when you give me the “down” command.  I hate that trick…it isn’t worth a treat.   But apparently we are going to go obedience class.  Mom said something about bonding.  I also overheard a reference to Therapy Dog Training.  That might be cool but I got to see what other kids are in that class.   It may or may not be cool.

I do have to tell you…I have one complaint…well maybe not a complaint but a minor issue.   My Mom takes LOTS of pictures of me…I mean I think she is obsessed. I am trying to not let it go to my head.  I know I am handsome…I can’t help it that I was born this way.  In fact, most of “my people” are good looking.  So I am used to having my picture taken or having people “oh and ah” over me.  But my Mom is over the top.  In fact, I bet if you looked at the photos on her phone…I am in 90% of them.  Here are a few I took off her phone:

Rough Day

You have no idea how exhausting it is to guard the house all day while Mom is at work.

The Cone of Shame

I am wearing the Cone of Shame - Kept pulling my Stitches out from the Surgery that Took My Balls!

Toby Reindeer2

Yes, I let her dress me up as a Reindeer. I look cute don't I? Don't worry, I never left the house wearing this.

Toby Reindeer

I will do anything for a Treat!

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