Big Night Tonight – SOU

Tonight is a big night…at least in my world. It’s the President’s State of the Union. Of course, at the end of his term is not as exciting as it was in the beginning. ..but I still like to watch these “shows”! I call it a show because that is what it’s all about. It is not so much the content of the President’s speech as it is everything happening around him. What are important are things like:

  • Who is sitting on either side of the First Lady (shows what is important to the Administration for the next year).
  • Who is sitting as the Presidents guest (also shows importance going forward)
  • Are the R’s & the D’s sitting together (probably mostly not)
  • Is there booing (shows level of partisan ship..please God, no more “You Lie”)
  • Does the President use this speech as part of his re-election (only an idiot wouldn’t)
  • Does the President strike a bi-partisan tone or does he hit the R’s hard (It’s an election time – I think he says Game On)
  • Who claps on specific policy issues
  • Can Speaker Boehner keep a straight face sitting behind the President
  • Who will be the missing Cabinet member (someone stays behind in case of an attack? Continuity of government…someone has to run the place.)

Steve Job’s wife will be sitting with the first lady and I believe Warren Buffet’s famous secretary will be sitting as the President’s guest. That tells me we are going to talk about Innovation and Reforming the Tax code.

I heard that the speech is going to focus on Fairness. I don’t know why, but this just rubs me wrong. Maybe it is all those years of my parents saying “Life isn’t fair…get over it.” To me fairness points a finger at someone to say yours is better than mine or I am being wronged. I don’t think that is the right message. I think it should be opportunity. Do we have a level playing field for opportunity? Maybe that is fairness? I am not sure I just know that the Fairness Theme doesn’t resonate with me.

So, don’t forget to watch the SOU.

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