Another Angel

Here we go again.  Today my childhood friend, Kathy Voigt Nuernberg, a kind compassionate, caring, church going,  mother with a smile a mile wide lost her battle with cancer.  It was painful watching her deal with it but it is even more painful knowing what her kids and family are going through.   It makes me re-live everything we went through 5 years ago with Julie.   I watch some of her closest friends go through everything I did with Julie and my heart aches for them.  It aches for the loss of another good friend, but I hate knowing these guys are going to spend years trying to hear Kathy’s voice, or wishing they could talk to her on the phone, or having to tell her Good news by sending it to Heaven.

Kathy was always able to light up a room and was the life of the party.  She used to have the BEST 80’s wing hair when we were in Intermediate and High School.  (She went through some serious AquaNet).  She absolutely loved being a Mom and raising her kids and I can only pray that God will take care of her family.  I feel so blessed to have gotten to see her one last time before she passed away.

Watching all of this go down it is hard to understand at all times where God & Faith come in.  I just wonder, why not me?  I don’t have kids…seems a little more humane situation.  I see God all the time in things, but I just don’t understand his plan on this. It is strange to me to have 4 people I graduated High School with die from cancer (unfortunately two of the four were very close friends of mine for more than 25 years).    Aren’t there some red flags here?  Doesn’t someone want to do a study?  Is there a chemical in the water responsible?  There must be some answer right?

I do wonder if Jules will meet her at the gates with the rest of her family…big smile on her face?  I have to believe that is the scenario at the end because it’s the only thing that makes all of this palatable.

Oh yeah – if you want to know the type of person Kathy was…see this picture below.  She came to my 40th Birthday Party. She was barely out of the hospital, not walking well, in pain and yet she showed up and spent almost an hour with us.  It meant the world to me (and you might notice I was crying in this picture because she surprised me and in classic Kathy styles she said, “Don’t Cry” in a manner that you must be crazy to cry over something so simple).

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7 Responses to Another Angel

  1. Carrie says:

    I am sorry for yet another loss for you, Jen. Bren told me about Kathy’s passing. My prayers are with her family and friends.

  2. Irma Croteau says:

    Love you Jenn…thinking about you and praying for Kathy’s family.

  3. Gina says:

    Beautiful picture of you two!

  4. Kristin Tonnessen says:

    Jen, I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but we all used to bowl at Fair Lanes on Saturday morning. Kathy was a good friend of mine and we lost touch after high school. I’m sadden to hear of her passing and thank you for posting a recent picture of her. I was reading your blog the other day when I found out Kathy was at the end of her battle. I stumbled across a picture of you, Kathy, Jenifer and someone else winning a trophy at the bowling alley. I can’t seem to find it anymore, can you post it on your blog on this page possibly. I know some people would like to see it.
    Thanks and god bless you Kerber!

  5. Laura (McGill) Martin says:

    Hey Kerber, I have been thinking about you! There are going to be so many friends of ours on monday at Kathy’s celebration of life, will you be there?? I wish I could attend so badly but I am still too sick to leave home so if you do go will you say hello to our old friends for me? I truly miss all of you!

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