Frankenstorm – The Beginning

In the past two years we have had Snowmageddon, an earthquake, the derecho, and now Frankenstorm.  I can only assume that Mother Nature is not a fan of the Nation’s Capital.  As I like to do during states of emergency, I will be blogging my observations from the Nation’s Capital.  (Like how I worked the title of the blog IN the blog!) I will try to update the blog and Facebook so you know we are A okay.  The good news is I am on the back side of the storm, not NY or NJ, which will be much worse.  I have no fear we will be fine…I am just wondering how long I might be without electricity.   If you know me I function in a purely electronic world.  I can’t invasion being without electricity for tooooo long!  My other minor worry is the only spot left in the parking lot was under a huge tree and my vehicle, named Fancy Girl Barbie by the Lyons children, is parked under that huge tree.

Please do not panic based on the weather people. They LIVE for these types of weather events.   I am sure they are very excited to be front and center for a few days.

So, lets talk preparation!  Am I prepared?  I would like to think over prepared.  I did not make it to Target until late on Saturday and the shelves were already bare!  No flashlights, no batteries, and no water.  Now don’t worry, I was just going to stock up on these things knowing full well I already had supplies at home. In fact, when I got home I pulled out my shoebox size container of batteries and realized the lid barely fit on top.  I got batteries covered!

But, what I am a little worried about is food without electricity.  No stove, no microwave, no opening the refrigerator.   I have a large container of peanut butter and jelly, some tuna fish and wheat bread.  I also used Frankenstorm as an excuse to buy chips.  Who can’t survive on chips for a few days?

I cranked up the heat in the house.  I know most people would NOT do this but I can’t stand being cold and if I don’t have electricity I have no heat!  (at least I assume I have no heat).  So we are warm and toasty.

I swear Toby knows a storm is here. He is glued to my hip…literally.  He has to be touching me at all times.  We went outside and he wants to go for a walk but he isn’t crazy about the rain.  He also won’t do his business immediately because he is used to a nice long walk.   I can’t make him understand that this wind and rain is as good as it’s going to get for about 48 hours.  Toby has a raincoat somewhere I just can’t find it!

Here are a few pictures from the beginning of the storm.

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  1. Shirley Koch says:

    I’m onboard with your blog!!!!!!

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