Howling Wind

I think the howling of the wind is what makes a hurricane so scary.  It just sounds scary!  The wind is really picking up.  Scary part is, this is only the beginning.  Good news is Toby went outside with the purple monkey about 30 minutes ago and did his business. Neither Monkey or Toby seemed phased by the wind and rain.  Bad News, he is too “big boned” to fit in the raincoat (Full disclosure – the rain coat was bought for a different dog!).  We are hunkered down…probably going to start a puzzle!

I will try to take some video of the trees bending this afternoon.  I keep hearing from various people that their ISP are shutting off their connectivity in prep of the storm.  Man I hope Comcast doesn’t do that…that is my lifeline right now.  Everything in my house runs off my Internet – even the phone!

Short Video of the wind blowing – not to bad yet.

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