Fighting Cancer

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In November 2007, I lost my best friend of 28 years to cancer. She left behind a husband and three small children (read about them here). It’s such a helpless feeling, watching someone you love fight this disease. Unfortunately, too many of us know someone fighting cancer.

I tend to post here our various fundraising efforts to help Julie and to fight cancer.  We are hosting the 4th Annual BTHOCancer fundraiser on September 26.  (BTHO = Beat The Hell Outta Cancer..its a Texas A&M thing).  Anyway, I will try to post updates on various events.  For now, check out for our event to raise money for the Julie Koch Lyons Foundation.  Jules wanted to create a foundation that would provide much needed funds for families like hers to fight cancer. The money will go to families with you children fighting cancer at MD Anderson.

I can’t believe how amazing things have been with the JMKL Foundation and our BTHO Melanoma Fundraisers.  We are raising money and giving it to melanoma patients at MD Anderson.  It feels amazing to help people when they need it most.  As we hear these heart wrenching stories I am keenly aware how lucky we were to have an amazing friend, family and church support system in place.  Julie’s family made it out of a horrific medical situation with a secure financial future.  You know that is not normally the case.  Often times people fight these diseases and in the process lose their financial security.  I can’t imagine the stress of a worrying about finances when you are also fighting for your life.  Every time JMKL foundation covers a hotel room, meals, pays for parking or sends a family for alternative treatment I feel so blessed that we are able to spread Julie’s legacy in such an amazing way

My Story…How I Got To Learn About Cancer

As many of you know the person I have called my best friend since I was 7 has been diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma that has spread to her liver, lungs, breasts, and brain. It has been a life altering experience for Julie & her family as well as everyone who knows and loves the Lyons family. In the past few months I have learned more then I ever wanted to know about Cancer. I am left with one major conclusion…we need more resources to fight cancer and educate people about prevention and treatment. So this is my little page to do my part and spread the word.


Jen & Julie, 9th Grade


Nancy & Julie, 7th/8th Grade

New Jersey Shore

Julie, Jen, Nancy Summer 1993, New Jersey Shore

Heading to Boston

Julie & I about to start our Road Trip to Boston, May 1993

Bonfire 1993

Jenny Garman, Angie Kirby, Me, Julie Koch – Bonfire 1992/1993

Superbowl 1999

Sherri, Julie, Liz, Angie, Me…Superbowl 1999 at the Millwood Ice House

Lyons Family

Julie, Brendan, Jackson, Hallie & Kendall Lyons, 2006.

4 Responses to Fighting Cancer

  1. Fancy says:

    Love the pics! Good times, good times. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

  2. Care says:

    Those pictures are priceless. 🙂

  3. Ernie says:

    “Barnacles of Old Age”?!?

    Jen – Thanks for raising awareness of skin health, skin cancer, and the dangers of overexposure to sunlight. Today I had a dermatological check-up because I have a few moles on my chest that I’ve been wondering about. My dermatologist said they are harmless and called: “seborrheic keratosis”. Apparantly they are often referred to as barnacles of old age (HEY!). So, GET YOUR SKIN CHECKED EVERYONE. I wouldn’t have known my “barnacles” are harmless if I hadn’t gone to the dermatologist.


    What is “seborrheic keratosis”? See WebMD page that follows:

  4. alternative treatments that are based on natural and organic stuffs are the best “

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