Howdy! My name is Jennifer and I am a misplaced Texan living in Washington D.C. I am a homeland security public policy analyst (okay, I am really a lobbyist, but nowadays it seems people have such a negative connotation to that word, I like to say I am an analyst until they get to know me! We all know how important first impressions are.) A few things you should know about me:

  • My family and friends are the most important thing to me..so you might hear a lot about them;
  • I guess it is time to update this bullet.  My best friend passed away on November 24.  I was at her hospital bedside holding her hand.  It changed my whole life.  Old post: My best friend of 28 years is battling Melanoma. I am completely focused on getting her well. You can read about her struggle at www.lyonsfamily.org If you get nothing else from this blog, I hope you will at least consider adding Julie Lyons to your prayers.
  • I am extremely proud of my Firefighter/Paramedic brother;
  • I can’t spell and I am pretty sure I must have been absent during the grammar portion of school, so please hang in with me if you find a mistake on my blog;
  • I have a fantastic 8 year old-ish black lab named Carson with a snoring problem. (He was adopted in Jan 2005 and they think he was 5 or 6);
  • A few of my favorite things are: great red wines, good sushi, and beef jerky (especially the homemade kind being sold on the side of the road), sunny days, and anythind done on the water, at the beach, on a lake or floating down a river.
  • I am passionate about politics; I am devout Patriot and am simply in awe of things like The Constitution of The United States of America, the many monuments in the DC area and the history behind them;
  • I firmly believe in the statement: American by birth, Texan by the Grace of God;
  • I am obsessed with Cops (yes..Bad Boys…Bad Boys…whatcha gonna do). I can’t help it…the people on the show fascinate me (not the cops..the possible criminals (remember innocent until proven guilty)).  This is something I tend to keep to myself because the crowd I hang with is not really the Cops crowd.  But my true longtime friends know this about me and they still love me;
  • I love hot summers and severely dislike cold weather and snow;
  • Just once in my lifetime I would like the Fighting Texas Aggies to win a national championship; and
  • Yes, I am single..much to my friends chagrin.

Rob & I

That my crazy brother Rob..he makes me laugh (and he is my hero)!

11 Responses to About

  1. Nancy says:

    Love it, Jenn! I’m so glad that you’ve found an outlet.


  2. Brendan says:

    * At leasts you spelled “grammar” correctly. 🙂

    * Do you remember what part of the cow beef jerky comes from? That’s right… the anus.

    *I noticed this entry was ommitted

  3. Angie Morton says:

    You are still obessed with Cops?? Dang, girl! Don’t they make a pill for that?

  4. Newman says:

    Oh no – another cow anus comment! I’m having flashbacks to the Houston Rodeo of 2003. 🙂 Good thing I’m a vegetarian again.

  5. Lesley Bond says:

    Jen, I had NO IDEA beef jerky was from cow anus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. People for the Eating of Tasty Animals says:

    Jerky is one of humankind’s original, critical and essential products: storable food.

  7. Angelica says:

    Does beef jerky really come from the anus?

  8. Kerber says:

    Okay, I need everyone to calm down. Beef Jerky does not come from the Anus (I guess it could). Jerky is just marinated dried meat. (Mmmm, I am getting hungry for some!). But a few years ago I brought several girls from D.C. who had never been to Texas down for the Rodeo. At the Rodeo, we were eating my favorite Beef Jerky, and for most of the girls this was their first experience with good real Texas Beef Jerky (they loved it). Anwyay, as they were eating it, my friend Brendan decided to tell them it was actually from Cow Anus. We all got a good laugh out of that one.

  9. Kelli (Kindle) Stevens says:


    I would love to talk to you. E-mail me becasue I have a couple of questions about some photos. Can’t wait to hear about you and your family.

  10. inkycloak says:

    Texan? Hmmm.


    All in good fun, of course.


  11. Hey, I’m trying to become a registered user. How do I do it???

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