Toby Bear

Toby “Bear” is named after my cousin Bear who passed away in a motorcycle accident.  Bear was a total sweetheart, also kind, but you knew not to mess with him. He looked like a Teddy Bear…hence the nick name.  Well that is Toby – a total love bug with a go-with the flow attitude.

Toby was a rescue. I was only supposed to overnight him (I volunteer for a animal rescue) but I fell in love with him about 20 minutes after he arrived. I had not even gotten him home from transport before I called to say I was keeping him.  He is about a 6 year old yellow lab with a LOT of personality.

Toby was running for president and had his own blog,, but he became satisfied with the Romney-Ryan ticket and has chosen to withdrawal.

Toby likes to take his stuffed animal friends every where he goes: car ride, Vet, walk in the neighborhood, to bed…everywhere!

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