A Lovely Airline Flight….NOT

Good Lord, I had the travel day from Hell today.  If it could go wrong it did!  My 2.5 hour flight from Vegas to Houston turned into a 7.5 hour flight!  And being the genius that I was I declined the lovely sandwich lunch thinking, “I can wait 3 hours to get a decent lunch.”  Well I didn’t land until almost 7 p.m.!  There was a torrential downpour in Houston that left us on the runway in Dallas (where we had to stop and refuel).  Every time we started to take off, they would close the Houston airport. 


When I finally landed, I had to go get a rental car.  Of course, the rental car was not there.  I have no idea why I have FastBreak or even use Budget.  I think we should boycott.  So it took me another 30 minutes to get an SUV (so it could fit the girls who are coming down for the rodeo!).  Then, on the hour drive home, it starts to rain so hard I almost had to pull over several times! I walked in the house at 9 p.m. and my mom had dinner waiting!  Thank Goodness!  At least I don’t have to get back on a plane for 4 days.

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