Record Deficit

The press is fixated on the fact that we have a record deficit.  Where have they been?  Why does everyone seem shocked by this?  The economy is in the toilet; we are fighting three wars (the war on terror at home (homeland security), Iraq, and Afghanistan) all of which have required increased spending; we passed tax cuts; and Congress has been spending like there is no tomorrow!  The budget hawks have been awol and now we are waking up.  


But to sit here and say it is the worst deficit in history, that just not true.  You have to look at the deficit as compared to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Today’s deficit is 3% of the GDP, and in 1983 the deficit was close to 6%!  So to say this is the worst deficit in history is a load of bunk.  (By no means am I saying that this not a big deal…just don’t pretend that this comes completely out of the blue. Wake up folks!)


However, you do need to pressure your Members of Congress to quit spending above the budget allocations!  

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3 Responses to Record Deficit

  1. Irma says:

    Maybe we should cut some of the “aid” we so freely give to everyone who fills out a form saying they need aid (with no checking up of the stated facts). I bet we’d have a surplus! Yesterday I went home for lunch, unbeknownst to me we have “phone aid”. Yes, phone aid, if you are already on some kind of government assistance, just call the toll free number and apparently we’ll pay for your phone service as well! Holy Crap People…get a job!

  2. Amy says:

    Irma, jobless people need a phone too! They need to be able to call the unemployment and welfare office to find out when their checks were mailed.

  3. Joe says:

    I guess I need to start my own blog, cuz this is a major gripe I have with our government ” for the people by the people”. I guess when we coined that phrase we should have specified which country. I do not have actual facts and figures on what is spent outside of this country, but weneed to stop spending all of our money on foriegn affairs. I say let them do what they want and when they opt to act towards the US of A then we blow them up and continue getting rid of gang bangers, welfare reciepents and drugs that are running rampant right here. We need to stop worrying about whos feelings we hurt and act like a business and not a marshmellow bosomed mother wanting to protect everyone. I am with Irma on this one too if you should read Angie.

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