The Miracle of the Internet

One of the things I find fascinating about keeping a blog is what searches people conduct that lead them to my blog.   I am fascinated by what are my top Blog Posts of all times (with many hits based on random searches.   They are not what you think they would be!

Some of the phrases that show up often are “Wound Too Tight, Cross Breeding Fruit, Fake ID, Lack of Motivation”

Top Posts:

1.  Fighting Cancer (the tab at the top).  I guess I should update this one at some point.

2.  A Little Motivation for the Day – I love this one..truly one of my pet peeves – Motivational posters! 

3.  Fake ID’s – I had to blog about this Fake ID because this is definitely one of the stupidest people on earth.  Great for a laugh. 

4.  The Cross Breeding of our Fruits & Vegetables – I can’t believe the number of people that search the web every day on the term “Cross Breeding”. 

5.  We Got A Great Big Convoy Rubber Duck – This was one of my favorite to might of been that Rob & I had been trapped in a vehicle for several hours and I was just giddy. 

6.  Bear – A lot of people searching for information on my Cousin Bear who died in a motorcycle accident. 

7.  The Walk – Written about Julie just a few hours after she was gone.  I love the pics…and the sentiment. 

8.  Sarah Palin – My reaction to McCain picking Sarah Palin (I should re-read this and see if I still agree.)

9.  The Dinner – The last picture and meal I had with Julie.  Posted when I was trying to get home because she had fallen into a Coma. 

10.  How do you Know if you are Wound Too Tight – This is what I refer to as the Great Dry Cleaning Incident of 2008 – and I STILL stand by my reaction.

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